Friday, March 25, 2011

Berlinde De Bruckyere @ Hauser & Wirth 2011

'Into One-Another To Pier Paolo Pasolini'

Berlinde De Bruckyere's work is a pervasive assault against the crass commercialization of the body, and it's outcome, the corruscating lack of eros/spirituality in our now social construct as described by Pasolini of obedient slaves to mass production and consumption.

Her raw human forms,…are unencumbered by place, paradigm, or predicament,…these human simulacra,…sculptural creations pull humanism back from the brink of extinction and Pasolini's 'desperate vitality' out of the grave,…simple, clean, realism, the prone bodies are made tender by an inchoate vulnerability,…Rendered in layers of wax upon postures from the bodies of dancers, then colored and placed,…let down gently in vitrines, laid out on slabs.

This work w/the figure,…is a subtle meditation, a psychic landscape of earthly desire, imbued with a painful reflection on mortality,…BDB captures the force of desire, as it plays out across this fragile human landscape, and it's voracious insinuation into every human crevice,…Vitality is roused, then ruptured by exhaustion, desire having taken it's toll upon the pure, human body.

Devoid of decorative artifice, no gilding the lily here,…relieved of history, patrimony,…these are bodies at their most naked and mortal, unwrapped from circumstance, they are life incarnate.

Her figures wrap themselves in a primal erotic, tenderness, move into their respective natural cavities, explore a fervid copulation,...

This is the stuff of secular cathedral altars,…

'Inside Me',…is a mass of twining, connected branches, again made from luminous layers of wax, displaying the sinuous curvatures created by nature's potent force, stand ins for and replicating aching, arching human desire,…A massive bundle of nerve and veins, a cascade of pulsating nature,…all held, wrapped in a protective bunting on a wooden frame,…an altar of throbbing, then broken guts.

Several drawings titled Romeu 'my deer' are faint, sensitive renderings of the body with cascading antlers coming out of the head cavity, drooping downward, desire sated, energy broken, played out and feeding now into the ground or destructive of and growing back into the body that carries them,…

Without heads, the pulse of the human heart beat is housed in the nerve endings, ascending then descending through the torso, from the length of body to the exposed naked and splayed feet,…A face would be unbearable,…

Stephanie Bell Behnke

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