Thursday, January 1, 2009

'Oh Happy New Year 2009' 'Consciousness, Cracking It Up and Get Your Wonder Back'

Oh Happy New Year 2009
‘Consciousness, Cracking It Up and Get Your Wonder Back’

What is it that Kate Gilmore, Pipilotti Rist, Gemma Smith and Urs Fischer all have in common,…??? They are charged energy, cracking it up, moving it out, crashing through walls and pushing us out of the box,…over the precipice, out through the garden, over the walls, under the earth, to the land of random, out of bounds, out of range, out of time and space and into the great beyond, a heady start for this auspicious new year,…change you can feel,…the uncategorized all coming at you,…Out with the old, visors off, eyes glinting from a wide opened sun filled retina…What does it mean,…Consciousness opened out,…Implications global,…old, worn out, political and social institutions giving way,…On all levels, artists are on the loose, moving out and heading toward each other, breaking away from the ancient pedigrees, turf wars,…fences are breaking. We are inexorably charging past the old markers, not charting the passage and claiming the universe as our infinite territory. Does that have us in free fall, bounding through space, no attachment, no state, no homeland,…A big resounding YES,…YES, YES!!! Will instinct rule, a Darwinian feed forward, survival of the fittest, vile Zombies with heat and no morals,…NO,…NO, NO!!!…Does the big bang look back,…Do the Zen masters not jump off the 100 foot pole. This is not chaos but the kind of life giving momentum that pulls us all off the sofa, out of the ditch, to a universal table large enough to feed, propagate and spread the life energy throughout the universe,…Get out your pick axes, your propellers, open your eyes wide artists and get going. Consciousness is waiting,…

Stephanie Bell Behnke 2009

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